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Top Ten Sober Rappers  The road to addiction treatment can be by Renee’ Brown
Top Ten Sober Rappers The road to addiction treatment can be by Renee’ Brown

Top Ten Sober Rappers The road to addiction treatment can be by Renee’ Brown

A fan @DevonShmitty bumped a tweet from another rapper who shared how “happy” he is sober. There is a danger in requiring artists to stick to their brands, especially when it focuses on abusing and glorifying a harmful lifestyle. Fans have to be willing to allow artists to evolve because that transformation extends far beyond the music; their art mimics life. You will not die if artists like Future or The Weeknd pivot the focus of their music away from chronicling drug rappers who are sober use, but they could, and that should be the only point that matters here. Check out this list of influential hip hop artists who have decided to speak up about their sobriety. The rapper, 47, announced he’s 12 years sober on Instagram and shared a photo of his sobriety chip. I quickly watched my life fall apart within the first year of using drugs and alcohol, but it wasn’t until years later that I hit a rock bottom and ended up a place where I could get some help.

When was Eminem’s last Relapse?

Eminem ended years of addiction to prescription pills Vicodin, Valium and Ambien on April 20, 2008. In 2009, after five-year hiatus at the height of his career, a period that included a 2007 methadone overdose, the rapper released the album Relapse, his first attempt at recording after getting clean.

Eminem’s successful addiction recovery proves just that. Not everyone has to do it the same way, however, and no one has to do it alone. When people attempted to tell him he had a problem, he didn’t believe them because he was using legally procured drugs, not heroin, cocaine or crack. Addiction recovery was very far from his mind. When messages such as a breakup, sex and addiction become the primary focuses of an artist’s narrative, we inherently expect them to continue with those trends, especially if the music is a success. Future’s DS2 debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

Royce da 5’9” opens up about Black Rob and DMX’s deaths, warns about addiction

“I tried really hard to be the social butterfly,” the actress said after years of trying to find her place in the Hollywood party scene. The High School Musical heartthrob is sober after his alcohol and drug addiction resulted in rehab in 2013. Zac Efron told ELLE in 2016, “You get out of life what you put in. Crossing the line is what leads to greatness.” After going two months and seven days without smoking weed, Joey Bada$$ explains he stopped in order to focus on his career. According to his Instagram story, he feels 1000 times more functional now that he’s stopped. Have you ever been the designated driver at a party or hung out in a room full of stoners while completely sober?

rappers who are sober

The music legend was inspired to get sober over 30 years ago in 1990 after seeing the AIDS epidemic take a toll on society. He told The Fix in 2017, “Within six months I became sober, and clean, and have been for the last 27 years.”

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J. Cole is a prime example of using the glamorization of drug use to fuel the commercial side of music. He raps about drug use to relate to a specific market but says in his personal life it’s really not for him. “No to drugs, I never spark it”, Tyler said on the first track of his very first project, Bastard. Tyler’s straight-edge lifestyle has been a large part of his personality from the very beginning, despite being surrounded by his permanently stoned Odd Future crew 90% of the time. It might surprise some people to learn that the author of the chill-out party anthem “Gin and Juice” is sober now, but it is true. Even though his work has sold more bottles of Tanqueray and Colt 45 than any commercial could, Snoop Dogg, the legendary rapper, stoner, and icon of the gangsta rap movement no longer indulges in the consumption of beer, wine, or spirits. However, he is still making money on the sale of hooch.

That is how fans have described rap queen Nicki Minaj‘s revelation this week that she is happier than she has been in a long time, thanks to her loving life as a sober woman. Nicki, who is now married and a mom, is more chill and relaxed. She has been showing a gentler side lately, and the Barbz love it.

Has Olivia Jade’s Relationship With Her Mom Improved Since Her Jail Time?

In the film, he explained to director Matthew Cooke that a dangerous combination of prescription medications including Valium and Xanax landed him in the hospital in critical condition. He noted that his vital organs were shutting down rapidly, and that had he not been admitted the moment that he was, his condition could have easily proved to be fatal. Fortunately, Eminem pulled through and began his journey of addiction recovery – one that ultimately saved his life. On Tuesday (Jan. 16), Future made the revelation that he was sober.

For instance, Mary J. Blige makes breakup music, Trey Songz markets sex, andLil Peep frequently made emo, drug music. Future’s artistry in particular is deeply rooted in drug use as a method of self-medication to cope with heartache, pain and suffering. He’s arguably recognized as the godfather of this new generation of mumble rappers, who romanticize drug use as a form of self-care. Percocets and molly not only served as the tools for a catchy chorus in 2017’s “Mask Off,” but also provided a lens into Future’s real-life pastime. “I use to think being sober would fuck wit my creative process, I see dats just a mind thing cuz I been more active skin glowing and I been dropping nun but pressure #NomoWockesha .” he wrote on Twitter.


For a rap artist who made his millions on music that glorified substance use, Eminem claims that fatherhood gave him the biggest incentive to get clean. After nearly overdosing in 2007, the Detroit-bred rapper has turned over a new leaf. The rapper shares his history with “the disease of addiction” and how he got sober. He is also joining forces with rappers such as Kodak Black who also kicked his drug addiction last month after he successfully completed a 90-day treatment program in accordance with a court mandate ordered last September.

  • “Everybody else can do what they want, but that stuff isn’t for me. I’ve been drunk nine times in my life, and I ate some weed brownies once,” he told Paper Magazine.
  • Nicki, who is now married and a mom, is more chill and relaxed.
  • Greatest resurrection story since Jesus Christ,” one user wrote on Twitter.
  • Maybe I’ll be freestyling in a park, but in terms of making albums, it’s going to be impossible.

To make matters even more dire, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been solely blamed for making the nation’s drug epidemic “worse,” so reports the American Medical Association. To close out 2021, President Joe Biden launched dual executive orders to combat what they call a “billion-dollar business” responsible for the deaths of 100,000 Americans in just the span of a year.

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