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ENTP Relationships Love, Friendship, Work
ENTP Relationships Love, Friendship, Work

ENTP Relationships Love, Friendship, Work

You like to put faith in the past, and trust what has worked for many generations before you. You appreciate rules and feel comforted, rather than restricted, by institutions and traditions. Rather than being excited by the unknown, you are wary of striking out into new territory. For this reason, you are inclined to stick with what you know and follow established procedures and processes. You’re both energetic communicators, and you may find that when you’re together, you’re both eager to talk. While this can make for some lively discussions, it can also be frustrating because you may end up competing for the floor.

They are less focused on facts and personal experience, and more focused on feeding their intellectual curiosity and learning new things. For them, discovering new ideas is a lifelong pursuit and they tend to read widely, take classes for fun and explore the ‘yet to be discovered’. There are plenty of hobbies here that you could both be interested in, but it can cause rifts between couples who can’t come to an agreement on what they want to do in their spare time. When interacting with your counterpart, be aware that as an Intuitive Thinking type, they will primarily be looking for an intellectual connection. NT types feel close to someone when they have a meeting of the minds, particularly when they are able to have a discussion that leads them to learn something new or think about things in a different way. NT types aren’t devoid of feeling—they’re human just like everyone else—but they’re very much in their heads, and their relationships tend to start with a mental spark rather than an emotional one.

About 24, I collect unfortunates but they usually feel alienated. They leave most of the time, signalling me that they are not interested in what I am offering. An idea that is a primary driving force will lend it self to other synergistic ideas that funnel into a highly productive mode. I also love debating just for the sake of arguing and will argue about ANYTHING for the thrill joy of it.

Struggles All INFJs Can Understand

“You’re a natural leader and are good at motivating others,” Bash says. Just make sure to tone down that competitive urge in relationships—this type can sometimes be overwhelming with their enthusiasm and energy, she adds. Want more self-insight into yourself and others beyond you Myers Briggs personality types? Even if you don’t know the name, chances are you’ve heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®). The Myers Briggs personality types are often seen abbreviated in a string of four random-seeming letters on LinkedIn, school applications, social media, resumes, and even dating websites. But unlike those silly-but-fun “pick your favorite ice cream and we’ll tell you your personality” quizzes, this one purports to be built on actual science.

INTPs tend to date people who demonstrate a solid intellectual side. Because they dislike the mundane, a bright and clever partner who can engage in debates about mutually enjoyable material is ideal. INTPs have an extraordinary amount of imagination and creativity. Devoting that to an intimate relationship offers excellent potential for an exciting and fulfilling love life. A long-term relationship with an INTP can be rewarding for both partners. The INTP partner will gradually show more of their inner self to their significant other, and as this happens, the partner should avoid critical or belittling remarks.

This doesn’t mean that they let the ENTP decide on everything, however, ISTJs need extra time to sort out their thoughts and communicate their ideas. This is why patience and mutual understanding, especially when it comes to both personalities’ different paces, are crucial for a healthy working environment. The ENTP and INTJ personality fall in the “blue zone” of the compatibility chart. ENTPs and INTJs have similar values and life views, which makes them incredibly compatible. People with an ENTP personality type tend to be expressive, curious, and spontaneous in their behavior.

Here’s where the ESFPs can step in to help their friends focus on the present and enjoy the moment before it’s over. Just like with every friendship, there can be major differences in the way that both of these personalities communicate with each other. To make this friendship work, they need to focus not only on their words but also on the emotional charge they bring, as the ESFPs are more sensitive and require a more tactful approach than ENTPs.

Others, such as Match and OkCupid, have robust profiles that let you dive deep into a user’s personality , before you decide to go on the pursuit. Hinge lets users create profiles that are a beautiful blend of visuals and text. If you don’t fall into the cis-hetero dating pool, you’ll be happy to know that most of the apps reviewed here are inclusive.

In some cases, they might show you someone you already know which can be slightly uncomfortable. You’re a warm, affectionate lover who wants to make your partner happy above all else. You see sex as a concrete opportunity to show your partner how you feel about them and want to make sure that everyone’s enjoying him or herself throughout. Sex can occasionally feel like a chore, but you don’t mind getting it on if you’re not in the mood so long as it makes your partner happy. You’re sexually traditional but you make up for it in enthusiasm. Does the idea of having sex in a pre-determined position with a consistent partner at exactly 9pm on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday evening appeal to you?

We favored sites that scan for bogus profiles, inappropriate images or language, and take action based on reports from users. We also reviewed the type of data they collect and share with third parties. ENTPs need to understand the greater principle or theory behind everything they do — which means their feelings and even their opinions will not always know straightforward. The ENTP will turn know everything into a philosophical discussion — including conflicts that entp enfp your relationship. It just means that they get there through analysis rather than instinctive feelings. An important consideration about POF is that it’s the most expensive site/app among introvert dating sites and apps reviewed in this article.

While they are often known for their charm and vivaciousness, ENFP women are intelligent and know how to get what they want. They thrive on having the freedom to explore and test their limits. They need a partner who can offer them a challenge and does not try to limit them, otherwise the ENTP male will be quite unhappy. Boredom or lack of new inspiration is often the downfall of the ENFP.


Memberships cost $19.99 monthly for a yearly plan, $24.99 monthly for six months, and $34.99 monthly for three months. We chose Match because it’s the best option for serious daters who are marriage-minded. We independently evaluate all recommended products and services.

What Makes the ENTP Woman So Attractive?

They find a truly authentic person very appealing, whereas someone fake or shallow is quite the opposite for them. INFPs want to be with people who are open about who they are and who don’t hide behind walls and lies. Someone who cannot be themselves around the INFP is not someone they are drawn to. They don’t want a person constantly putting on an act or trying to be more impressive for those around them. Someone who panders or tries to make people like them often feels completely unappealing to the INFP. They do however claim to regularly monitor for fake profiles, scammers, and users who might be engaging in inappropriate behavior.

ENTP Communication Weaknesses

These personality types have similar interests and communication styles, so they often get along together. However, such a relationship may be stifled in the beginning because INTPs can have trouble expressing their feelings, while ENTPs may overlook a potential INTP partner. INTJs need people who can accept their introverted side or help balance it out. That is, if communication is important to them, INTJs would probably match well with a fellow introvert.